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Morris Commercial C8 Quad – MkII/III




  • Prototypical C8 dual chassis
  • Moulded rubber tyres on split rims
  • Leaf springs
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • Fully de-mountable body shell
  • Glazed windows
  • Crew cab with seats
  • Working winch*
  • Fully enclosed gear box
  • Space  for batteries to be housed in body
  • Supplied with canvas to make roof  and seat covers
  • Designed for 4 wheel drive
* motor supplied as part of Motion Pack


  • Length – 750mm (29 1/2″)
  • Width – 360 wide (14″)
  • Height -380 high (15″)
  • Weight – 27 kilos (60lbs)

Ideally suited for Kompact Kit 25 Pdr. and Ammunition limber



The Morris Commercial C8 Field Artillery Tractor (FAT), known as a Quad, was used by the British and Commonwealth  forces during the Second World War.   Used to tow  field artillery pieces, such as the 25 Pdr Field gun and the 17 Pdr anti – tank gun.   Late in 1937,  the British War Office issued a specification   for a four-wheeled, four-wheel drive vehicle, with winch, a covered body all on a short chassis with storage space for ammunition and batteries and space for 6 crew.  The task was undertaken by Guy Motors and Morris Commercial Cars.

The Quad was first used in action in France in 1940, towing an 18 Pdr.  From June 1940 it was used to tow 75 mm guns and then used from Iceland to Malaya, mostly as a tractor for the 25 Pdr field gun.

Anti – tank regiments, later in the war were  equipped with 6 and 17 Pdr guns and quads were used as tractors, some 17 pdrs were towed with a limber.

At the end of the War the Quad remained in British Service and was extensively used in the Korean War and Malaya.  Many quads were rebuilt in the early 1950’s extending their life until 1959 when the final vehicles were sold off.


British troops herd cattle past a Morris ‘Quad’ artillery tractor and 25pdr field gun, Normandy, 8 July 1944. The cattle were being evacuated from the forward areas.

Morris-Commercial Quad, limber, and 25-pounder field gun, 1942.





The Morris Quad was designed by Armortek using the latest full three dimensional modelling and design software to produce a  detailed virtual model



This 1/6th scale high quality engineered model kit, has been designed by Armortek and is constructed primarily from steel and aluminium, complemented with other alloys and materials. Manufactured in the UK on state of the art CNC equipment.

Armortek wish to thank the Cobbaton Collection for access their museum, greatly assisting the research of this vehicle.



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