NEW Centurion Mk5 / 2 Kit


This imposing British tank with its impressive combination of performance, weaponary and armour protection, was first introduced in 1945. The Centurion was the British Main Battle Tank of the post WWII period, seeing service around the world.

The Armortek model based on the the Mk.5/2 is an upgunned (105mm gun) variant of the Centurion that entered service in the beginning of the 1960s


  • Fully working Horstmann suspension
  • Cast Turret
  • Inclined hull sides
  • Rubber tyred road wheels and return rollers
  • All working engine hatches
  • Full set of tools and tow ropes
  • Cast track links
  • Prototypical hull construction
  • Detailed internal bulkheads
  • Opening turret and track top bins
  • Demountable side skirts



1275mm (50”) long (excl gun)
1582mm (62”) long (incl gun)
563mm(22”) wide
485mm (19”) high
Weight – 110 kilo (est.)

From 1945, the Centurion became Britain’s main battle tank , carrying a crew of four, the driver was accommodated in the hull, whilst the commander, gunner and loader were in the turret. The Mk.5/2 was armed with a 105mm gun, and a .30 inch Browning coaxial machine gun. It was powered by a Rolls-Royce Meteor V-12 27 litre petrol engine coupled to a 5 speed gearbox.

The Centurion was widely used across the world in many countries including Australia, Denmark, India, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Somalia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. Additionally it was used by most Commonwealth countries. It saw battle action in the Korean, Six Day, Vietnam and Gulf wars. With a total production of over 4400, there were 13 different marks built.
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