Further useful information on building Armortek kits can be found on the Armortek forum by following this link:  http://www.armortek.co.uk/Forum3b/viewforum.php?f=34



What does the kit include?

The kit includes all the parts necessary to build the model as illustrated. This includes machined parts, cast parts, sheet metal parts and proprietary items such a bearings. All the fasteners are also included, along with a comprehensive instruction manual and assembly drawings. Not included are adhesives, paint and option pack parts. The basic kit provides you with a complete static model.

What tools will I need?

A set of good hand tools will be required. The following list should be regarded as the minimum:

Spanners (wrenches) 5.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and a mini adjustable.
Allen (hex) keys 1.5mm-6mm.
Screw drivers small flat blade 3mm and 4mm.
Pliers 5” long nose, 5” combination.
Small hammer
Files selection of needle files and small hand files.

In addition to the above, a selection of larger files and a cordless drill with 3mm, 4mm and 5mm drill bits (for clearing through holes) can be useful to speed things up. You will also need a good sturdy work bench as these kits are heavy once fully assembled.

What batteries do I need?

The Armortek range of models are designed to operate on a 24volt electrical system. You will need two 12volt batteries linked together in series. The tanks are supplied with a battery tray to suit two 20-24AmpHour gel type batteries. This will give about 80 minutes running in normal mixed duty conditions WHEN USING THE ARMORTEK HIGH EFFICIENCY GEARBOX. You can of course fit larger batteries if you prefer, but you will need to make your own battery tray. Larger batteries give a longer running time, not more power. The SDKFZ7 half track is designed to use two 9 Amp Hour batteries, giving two hours run time and the 222 uses two 5 amp hour batteries giving 90 minutes run time. The Quad and the Sdkfz 251 use two 9 amp hour batteries.

You also need the transmitter Ni-Cad packs that are supplied with your radio control equipment. THE RECIEVER IS POWERED FROM A BEC IN THE THE POWER SUPPLY MODULE

What size batteries do Armortek use in the tanks?


Length = 180
Height = 167
Width = 76

Half Track SDKFZ7/SDKFZ251/Quad

Length = 151
Height = 94
Width = 65


Length = 90
Height = 100
Width = 70

*How do I connect my  batteries?

The two 12V batteries are connected in series.

Black lead from module to neg. terminal on battery one.  Link cable from pos.
terminal on battery one to neg. terminal battery two.  Pos. terminal on battery
two to the red lead to the module.

*How do I connect four batteries in my tank?


If you have four batteries, you can choose to connect your batteries in one of two ways.
Option 1 Operate the batteries as two separate pairs. Each pair connected in series to give 24V and only one pair connected to the power supply module at any one time. This is just like having a main and a standby battery pack

Option 2 Operate the batteries as two pairs, each pair connected in series, and with the pairs connected in parallel, all connected to the power supply module. This gives you twice the battery storage capacity, but no standby.

*Where can I buy batteries?

*There are many suppliers of suitable batteries however we recommend Hardwarexpress, they can be found on line at
http://www.hardwarexpress.co.uk/ if you order on line enter the code: HAZPACK01 which will automatically give you a 10% discount as an Armortek customer.

The following models all use two AGM20 OR 22 OR 24 batteries

  • Tiger all models
  • Panther ALL VARIANTS
  • Jagdpanther
  • Sherman
  • King Tiger
  • Centurion
  • Comet
  • Panzer III
  • Panzer IV
  • T34

The following models use two HGL7.5 batteries

  • SDKFZ7

The following models use two HGL5 batteries

  • SDKFZ222
  • M2, M3 and M16 US half tracks

Suggestion for Quad and Sdkfz 251


What size Rivet Snap should I use

1/8″ – MK IV

3/32″ – 25 PDR

1/16″ – Limber/Pak 43

As an alternative a Rivet snap the rivets can be fitted using an industrial adhesive

Where are the model kits made

All Armortek models are designed and manufactured in house at our Dunkeswell factory in East Devon.
Track link castings and rubber mouldings are sourced in the far east. All other castings and mouldings are UK sourced. All sheet metal parts are laser or water jet cut in the UK. All machined parts are produced on our own CNC machines in Devon.

What will my model be worth when its finished

Very frequently asked and very difficult to answer. This depends entirely on the quality of your assembly work and the applied paint finish. A well constructed example with a good quality paint finish should sell for more than the original kit price. Very large sums have been offered for models completed to the highest standards. Our limited batch production also enhances the models value.

What paint should I use?

Mostly down to personal choice. We recommend avoiding two pack paint systems, which are difficult to apply and cellulose systems, for health and safety reasons. Aerosols give excellent results, but these are big models and this can proved expensive. Air brush, or spray gun applied finishes are excellent. Brush application is not recommended. Industrial paint manufactures can usually match any colour, or paints designed for models can be used. Etch primer should be applied before painting any aluminium or brass parts.

What Loctite should I use?

The following grades of Loctite are recommended:

For bonding wheels to Tyres  use  Loctite 410

For High Strength retentions such as bearings in housing etc,  use Loctite 638 (or the newer 6300)

For Low strength thread locking use Loctite 222

For fitting rivets use  Loctite 638 (or the newer 6300)

for more information go to:


Loctite supplies can be purchased from:

Anglian Fasteners Ltd.

Tel:  01234 – 345641


When contacting please say you are an Armortek customer for special rates!


Do Armortek supply pre-assembled models?

No. Armortek do not assemble models for customers, we do not have the facilities or the staff to build models for customers, however follow this link for information on individuals who can offer this service.

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What if I get stuck?

If you have a query, and can not continue your build, there are a number of options.

The forum is a great place to get advice, ideal for assembly tips, paint colours, historical information etc. However, if you have a specific technical query or supply issue with your build, please contact us directly first, ideally by e-mail at sales@armortek.co.uk and we will do our very best to assist.

Why can’t I have any model in the range at any time?

Armortek manufacture in batches. These models are fully engineered and many of the parts required complex machine set ups and tooling. In order to offer the best range of models, we limit the batch size this can vary depending on the model from about 30 to 100 models per batch. This allows us to offer two or three models per year. Once the batch is sold out, there are no more parts for that model until a new batch is manufactured. This interval is typically 4-5 years.

I would like to order my model without certain components because I intend to build a different variant, can Armortek give me a reduced price?

Unfortunately we can not reduce prices or make only part deliveries. However once a batch has been completed individual items may be purchased as spares where available.

I wish to collect my model, can you exclude the P&P cost?

Collected models have to be picked and packed just the same as models that are being sent by carrier. Those collecting also receive personal time and attention from us here at Armortek, all of which frequently results in a higher overall cost than for normally despatched models. Therefore we have to make the normal P&P charge for collected models.

Why do you not offer more allied or modern vehicles?

A fully engineered product like this requires a substantial investment in research and tooling. This investment can only be justified if there is a good degree of confidence that a viable batch can be sold. This tends to lead us to select the most popular types which tend to be Second World War German vehicles.

Are spare parts available?

Yes we always produce extra parts for spares during the batch manufacture, and will continue to do our best to make sure  that spares are available. Wearable parts such as track links and tyres etc, are kept in stock.

Can I modify parts?

Yes. Parts can be modified or adapted by the builder. Armortek can not offer engineering back up for such modification and would not warrantee any part modified.   The exception is the Armortek firing unit (now discontinued)  which must not be modified in any way.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards ( except Amex),  bank transfers and cheques.

When do I have to pay for my kit?

Armortek kits are always manufactured in limited batches.   To reserve a kit from a batch we request a deposit payment (usually around £500, depending on the model), the balance is then requested within 28 days of the expected despatch date.

Can I pay by monthly installment?

We do not have any formal monthly payment options, we are, however flexible and will discuss payment terms on an individual basis.

Are the kits painted?

No. The kits are supplied in the bare metal form.

Can the models be left in bare metal?

Some of the parts are mild steel and would need either oil or lacquer coating to protect them long term, all other parts can be left untreated as bare metal components.

Do I need to be an experienced model builder to assemble an Armortek kit?

Armortek kits can be built by anyone from a complete novice to an experienced model maker. Although previous experience will be helpful, it is by no means essential. Each kit contains between 1500 and 2000 parts in total in including the track links and pins. Assembly is broken down into simple stages, and step by step the model is built up. Our existing builders come from a whole variety of backgrounds and skill levels, and from all age groups. There is a full instruction booklet complete with drawings supplied with each kit. You have access to telephone and e-mail help and additionally the ever ‘resourceful owners forum’ to provide backup.

Can I buy the option packs at any time or do I have to order them with the kit?

There are then a number of options which can be purchased after the kit,  Motion, sound, smoke and recoil.   These  are sold on an ongoing basis and are not limited.  They can be ordered at any time, generally being available about 4 weeks after the first kit despatches.  Option packs are very similar across several products, but do contain certain different parts, so be sure to clearly identify which product you require the option pack for.

Can I fit my own motors and electrics?

Yes. The idea behind offering the basic kit and then option packs is to allow individual builders to engineer their own alternatives, however Armortek will not be able to offer engineering support to builders who choose to install their own motors and electrical parts.

Do you supply an internal combustion alternative?

During the early development of Armortek models several internal combustion engine drive options were tried. As a result of these test it quickly became clear that this system was noisy, messy, mechanically complicated and difficult to control. As a result we do not offer this option.

Can you make any model I want?

The basic answer is yes provided that you are prepared to pay. Customers requiring models that are not in the current range can be quoted on a special build price. As a guide special builds cost about ten times as much as standard builds. This is usually only economical if a group of customers can place a group order.

Does the model have a warrantee?

The model components have a one year warrantee from the date of delivery. This warrantee includes parts and workmanship and completeness of delivery. However if you have any issues after a year please still talk to us as we will always do our best to assist you.

How can I meet up with other owners?

The best way to communicate with other Armortek Owners is through our hugely successful and popular Owners Forum on our web site. Groups of customers meet to run tanks and also dioramas are set up and photographed. . The UK tank club is the biggest organisation of radio control model tank enthusiasts. This club attends regular shows and provides its members with a number of benefits including insurance cover.  Armortek attend a number of different shows and it is normally possible for customers to join us with their models at these shows.
Armortek  also holds specific customer events, sometimes at the factory and also at the Tank Museum.  These events would always be well publicised on our website.

What level of detail comes with the standard kit?

Armortek models come with a good and complete level of detail. The models are not, however, super detailed. Individual builders will have the opportunity to add detail and personalize the models to what ever degree they choose.

Are extra detail parts available?

Yes there are a large number of after market suppliers making super detail parts for the Armortek range of models. A Craftsman Market section of the forum allows individuals to offer these parts to other customers.

Can the gun fire a projectile?

Absolutely not. All forms of projectile, including paintballs and BB are completely illegal in a radio controlled vehicle in the UK. Armortek are totally opposed to the firing of projectiles from these models, no matter in what form or even if local law permits it.

Can the model go through water?

The models can wade through water up to about three or four inches deep. Extra hull sealing may be required for those who regularly wish to run through water. Remember that these models are made from metal and extra maintenance will be required in order to avoid corrosion when running through water. The electrical equipment supplied is splash proof, but will not tolerate being submerged.

How do I transport the model?

The easiest way is to build a ramp from plywood covered in carpet, and to drive the model into and out of your car. The models will climb a 45 degree slope. Alternative telescopic wheel chair ramps are ideal and readily available. A car with a large boot or an estate car is recommended.

Do I need insurance?

You do not need insurance to run and operate your model on your own property. If you wish to take the model to shows attended by the public you may be required to prove that you have public liability insurance. The easiest way to get insurance cover of this type is to join the UK tank club, who provide insurance cover as part of the membership package.  http://www.uktank.org/about_the_club.htm

How long will the model last?

Forever. These models are not throw away plastic or fibreglass toys. The model is engineered to last a lifetime, it is robust and sturdy. If properly looked after the model is capable of clocking up many many miles of operation.

What Oil should I use in the smoke generator?

We recommend ‘baby oil’ lots of smoke and makes your hands soft too!!

Are the kits supplied with glues and retainers?

No,  often these products have a limited shelf life and are partially down to personal preference.

How do I fit the aerial and connect to the receiver aerial?

Take the Armortek supplied aerial and pass through the plastic aerial base on the rear of the tank. The aerial cable from the receiver attaches to the base of this aerial. Before doing this you must cut a length from the receiver aerial cable which is = to the length of the Armortek supplied aerial. i.e. The total aerial length will then be the same as the receiver aerial as originally supplied.  (note this only refers to very early Armortek models, current models do not have aerials as 2.4 Ghz RC’s do not require them.)

What radio equipment should I use with my model?

Armortek speed control, amplifier and auxiliary modules are compatible with the following radio systems.

Futaba 7C, Futaba 6EX, Spectrum DX6, Spectrum DX7. Other radio systems may be compatible however we cannot guarantee full functional operation with any system other than those listed above.

Is it OK to use radios other that the Futaba 6EX and 7C that Armortek recommends?

Yes, however we cannot guarantee complete compatibility of the the new Armortek digital modules with all types of equipment.
Some radios, particularly multi channel units are known to have non standard digital outputs and may cause compatibility issues.

Equipment other than the 2.4 GHz band may also be used, however range will be severely limited and great care must be taken with aerial arrangement.

Can the Futaba 6EX radio control all the tank functions.

Yes it can, but the gun elevation has to be controlled using a non proportional switched channel.
This is because the Benedini sound system requires one of the four proportional channels. In practice this means that the gun is either fully elevated or fully depressed. We normally set the fully depressed position to be with the barrel level.

How do I change switch allocation on the Futaba 7C

The Futaba manual describes how to allocate channel six to the three position switch on page 30.
The example it gives is allocating channel 5 to switch D. Simply substitute channel 6 and switch E, and
follow the procedure it lays out.

How do I control the tank on one stick?

You can use *single* *stick* control with the new modules. The easiest way to do it on the Futaba radios is by using elevon mixing. This mixes channels 1 and 2 on the transmitter and allows you to drive using the right hand *stick* only. There is no need to change the ratchet to a spring for left *stick* when using this function. This makes driving in straight line much easier and has the added advantage that you can drive your tank whilst drinking a cup of tea at the same time. What more could you ask for!

What Sound effects are produced by the Benedini Sound Unit?

Engine start, idle and proportional sound, two types of machine gun, pistol, horn, commanders call, (2 types) tank main gun sound. Obviously these will vary accordingly from model to model