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About Armortek

P1060708Armortek is the world’s leading manufacturer of 1/6th scale armour kits. With a reputation for service, reliability and the best build quality in the market, no other supplier comes close to the overall package that Armortek offers the armour enthusiast and model builder.

Our kits are manufactured in our state of the art facility in England’s West Country. A massive investment in the latest design and manufacturing equipment means that we can offer unrivalled quality at realistic prices, and produce kits in timescales to keep even the keenest of builders happy.

188129_313488960841_5910377_nP1060720Each model is thoroughly researched using a variety of sources.  Our close proximity and working relationship with the world  renowned Tank Museum at Bovington provides an excellent resource to many original vehicles.  These  vehicles are carefully measured and photographed,  providing valuable details to create the model design  in 1/6th scale.

Armortek use the latest full three dimensional modelling and design software to produce detailed virtual models of each new product and prove designs by using in house rapid prototyping, and manufacturing.

P1060686P1060713Production parts are mostly machined from solid material on our multi axis turning machines and machining centres. All this equipment is of course CNC (computer numerically controlled) to manufacture reliable and accurate parts.  Our latest investment is a five axis machining centre, allowing parts that once would have taken several individual operations to be manufactured  in one go, increasing accuracy and quality.

We use mainly aluminium alloys in the manufacture of our models, with  steels being  used for mechanical parts such as shafts and axles and for sheet parts, which are laser cut. All Armortek models feature scale thickness armour throughout their construction and use full size construction practices wherever it is possible to incorporate them. That is why our big German tanks feature torsion bar suspension and fabricated hulls and turrets, where as the allied vehicles feature volute or leaf springing and cast turrets, just like the real thing.

The models are brought to life by the fitting of the option packs.  Armortek are unique in the model making world, in using only industrial motors and control gear in our motion packs.   Armortek model kits are always ‘limited’  however the option packs  are always available to order, allowing you to choose the pace of your build and help spread the cost.

Models are designed to run forP1040326 about 60 minutes on each recharge of the standard battery and are ready to handle the absolute roughest of terrains . Our tanks weigh in at around 340lbs (170kgs) and are capable of pulling a 7.5 ton truck, or climbing a muddy 45 degree slope.        Undergrowth and tree saplings are thrown down in the path of these machines as they leave true track marks in the ground behind them.

The special effects pack brings digitally recorded proportional sound to the model. Each sound being faithfully recorded from the full size tank. To complete the realistic effects of your model we offer the Recoil unit, an integrated sound and movement system utilising the Armortek amplifier module to give a rapid recoil and gun flash and a slow recuperation, accurately replicating the action of the full size tank when firing.

Armortek manufacture in limited batches, generally between 25 -100 kits in each25pdr_field_gun_1_20131004_1179779413 run.  A new kit is released about every 5 – 6  months. Sometimes this will be a brand new kit never released before and sometimes a re-release of a popular model from the past collection.  Batches sell out fast and we recommend placing an early order to avoid disappointment.

To complement the ‘limited’  range of larger tanks and armoured vehicles,  Armortek have recently released a new product range of  ‘Kompact Kits’.  Generally available from stock these models do not have to be pre-ordered and are an ideal introduction to building all metal kits, with straight forward assembly from exploded view instructions.

The internet is an invaluable tool in running any business,  however at Armortek we value the importance of  personal interaction with our customers. Our telephone is always answered personally  (no buttons to press or hold music to listen to!)  and indeed we regularly meet up with customers when they  join us at shows such as Tankfest, bringing along their models to display and demonstrate to the public.

Open_07Armortek is a family run business, with personal customer service and back up.

When you buy Armortek you buy the best and become a member of a select group of builders worldwide.

E-mail:  sales@armortek.co.uk

Tel:  +44(0)1404 892956