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Phil Woollard
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Re: Jagdtiger prototype

Post by Phil Woollard » Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:20 pm

Very impressive vehicle, very impressive model. I can't wait to build one with a full interior!
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Youtube channel, Magpiespyro. For 1/6th scale video action!

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Re: Jagdtiger prototype

Post by RITSUO TSUJIMOTO » Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:43 am

Envy zombies!
The big tank he's sitting on has taken his heart.
I can't wait for it.
From an island country in Japan.

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Re: Jagdtiger prototype

Post by Armortek » Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:24 pm

Video of the prototype Jagdtiger running at our factory last week. Tracks sound fantastic!


David Brady
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Re: Jagdtiger prototype

Post by David Brady » Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:39 pm


Nice job armortek! looks and sounds great -I'm looking forward to having one - the most powerful WW2 tank/destroyer to date.

Next stop a super heavy please


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Re: Jagdtiger prototype

Post by simon_manning » Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:51 am

super piece of equipment, a monster in full size and in 1/6 scale, Great achievement Armortek, looking forward to this vehicle, regards simon manning.

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