BOOKS Care of them

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Tim Carr
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BOOKS Care of them

Post by Tim Carr » Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:48 am

Well this is a personal and profession note. I personally have a small collection of Tank Books and a Large collection of Model Ship books and other small collections. I try very hard to keep them in good condition.
That said I just bought a collection that fits in around 30 boxes. Several Tank books and hundreds of other books all of Military background.
PROBLEM -- Bad storage. The roof went bad and slow leaks. Then not addressing the problem. A large amount of of very nice books got wet and they got stuck together. Also due to the fact they were stored in a non temp controlled other books have foxing problems or stains. And on.
Folks -- Books are History and Data.. They are something that we get to have and use then we need to keep them "well" and pass them on or leave them to others. Not store badly.
The profession note is that my Wife and I own a small book store. Note I do not sell on the internet, so please don't ask.

Later Tim
Tampa Bay, Fla area USA.

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