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Lifting tanks clear of the ground for Track maintenance

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:18 pm
by Pete Nash
I'm sure many have struggled to lift tank clear of the ground for maintenance and testing.

My solution is to place a piece of timber under the tank and use Pump Wedges.

These are a small 6 inch square reinforced bag that can be pumped up by its bulb. A more 'normal' use for them is to force open the top of a car door so that a hand can get inside to unlock it. They are available (From China) at a reasonable price on E-bay.

I use One or two pieces of Timber and two or four Pump wedges. That way I can raise the whole tank or just one side. The Pump wedges will inflate to about 21/4 inches (55mm). The thickness of your pieces of wood will depend on the ground clearance of your tank.

Once the tracks are clear of the ground you can carry out full function checks.

This is what I used for my Mk.IV when I changed transmitters and receivers.