FOA New Releases of 6th Scale Icons

Armortek owners can buy and sell 1/6 scale accessories and detail parts. note: Armortek does not necessarily endorse these products and can accept no liability for contractual disputes
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FOA New Releases of 6th Scale Icons

Post by Loic (6thScaleIcons) » Thu May 28, 2015 12:08 am

A quick note to Armortek Customers:

1. FOA should have shipped ALL IR Scopes and IR Bins to all previous customers of 6th Scale Icons. Please shoot me an email if you "fell through the cracks". Please be ready with bank/Paypal receipts and email conversation with the late Mike Stannard

2. We now found all the Tiger 1, Tiger 2 and Sturmtiger 20-ton Jacks from 6SI. The FOA website should include the functional, non-functional and Resin 20-ton Jacks ... t49&Search

3. We went to China to machine the tiniest wing nuts: 80 size. This item as well as the Eye Bolts are now in stock. I'm not sure if anyone in the world produces such small wing nuts? ... ead-qty-5/


4. Would you be interested in a Kugelblende 80? Those 80mm balls were used on the Panther and Tiger II. But we made this jewel in 3D and used the latest technology in 3D printing. Check the result: ... ith-mg-34/


The above Kugelblende work the the gorgeous gurtsacks we sell in all colors (off white, dark grey, dark green, etc.) and we sell the ammo too...

Enjoy your hobby!

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