SD222 and other AFV's Tow Rope and Grappling Hook

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Mike Stannard (toyrific)

SD222 and other AFV's Tow Rope and Grappling Hook

Post by Mike Stannard (toyrific) » Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:23 am

Hi Guys

A customer asked if I could make this grappling hook for the SD222 so I made one. I have only seen one picture of the grappling hook and that is on a SD222, it may have been used on other vehicles. Either way it is a nice additional for any Tank or AFV. The prototype is about four inches tall, I think this may be a little to long, hard to figure out the height as I only have one picture of the hook and it is taken at an angle. If someone can measure the length of the corner on a 6 scale SD222 model indicated in picture below I will be able to get is very close to the correct height.

The only way to make this hook is to hand make all the parts in brass and solder it together. The five hook sections could be cast in white and glued together, but the hooks would bend and break very easily as they are only 1/8" in diameter.

As these will be individually hand/machine made they are a expensive for what they are. As many of you already have the tow rope pictured which comes with the 'U' shackle and towing hook I am offering grappling hook in two sets.

Set 1 (Gent029A) will be the grappling hook and bolt, nuts and spacers for the 'U' shackle.
Set 2 (Gent029B) will be as shown in pictures with a complete tow rope.

Gent029A Grappling Hook, Bolt, Nuts and Spacers $65.00
Gent029A Grappling Hook with Complete Tow Rope (Item SD250-02) $100.00

As I have to make these and I am very busy with current and back orders it may be 4 to 6 weeks before I can deliver. These will only be made to order and will never be in stock ready to ship.


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Adrian Harris
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Post by Adrian Harris » Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:15 am

Hi Mike.

I make it 10cm:



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