How to install Push Buttons to Run the Sound Module

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John Pissey
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How to install Push Buttons to Run the Sound Module

Post by John Pissey » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:27 pm

I‘ve been using a 3 position switch to control my sound module and have been trying to come up with a better way to change the sound combinations. I purchased a Benedini encoder and was going to try it but before I did I was chatting with Adrian Harris about a different matter when he started to discuss using push buttons instead of using either method. He sent me a wiring diagram using resistors to insure that you don’t unintentionally short the circuit by pushing both buttons at the same time which could happen with push buttons.

I have come up with an even simpler method of using a 2 position push button and a single pole push button. This push button method works so well I thought of sharing it with anyone who would like to try it. Using a 2 position switch for the signal side of the control guaranties that you can’t short the circuit whether you push both buttons or not.

My push buttons are on the underside of my transmitter just behind my handle grips. You can put them anywhere within your remote as long as there is enough room to install them and are not in the way of any other electrical components or the joy sticks. There is not a lot of room within the transmitter so I also would choose the shallowest switches you can find. Mine are 1/4 & 5/16.

I soldered a servo wire with plug to my original switch contacts there by still being able to use the original switch if I choose to. If you use a servo wire with a plug you can not only bench test the push buttons before drilling holes in your remote but also be able to remove the back of your remote easily when they are installed.

The control works by either sending a positive or negative signal to the common control input. I believe the negative input starts the sound and is used to count through the different sound possibilities and the positive input is the sound. I am using a Spektrum Remote but this method should work for any remote since you are not changing the way the remote processes the command just changing the method of where the signal comes from. Fine soldering is required to do the wiring and deciding where to position the switches could be tricky but other than that it is not that hard to do. The convenience of being able to run the different combinations of sounds and yet still controlling other functions of your tank is great.

I’ve attached a wiring diagram of how the push buttons are wired for those interested. PB1 is the 2 position switch and turns the sound On and the different combinations of sounds. PB2 is normally opened switch which controls the sound selected.

Push Button 2017.jpg
Push Button 2017

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