Wheels and tyres

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Wheels and tyres

Post by leesellars » Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:10 pm

Hello Chaps

It has come to my attention that the tyres foul on the pivot bolt. I also checked that the wheels don't line up with the idler. It is 3mm out of line. All of the axles was taken off. They were a pig as they was all glue in with loctite. A 3mm M12 washer was fitted in between the arm and axle. With that done the wheels lined up with idler but the tyres still fouled the pivot bolts. The bolts was taken out and machined down to 2.5mm to give adequate clearance for the tyre.

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phil fitzpatrick
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Re: Wheels and tyres

Post by phil fitzpatrick » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:19 pm

Hi Lee,
Yes I chose to grind and file my Pivot bolt head because I havent any machinery,
but I just did it in the area that the Tyre overlaped and fouled the head.
So they are ground on a slope but still had the thickness that can be seen for looks.
My Idler was only about 1 mm sticking out and yet all the grouves lined up when I put
a straight line through them.
I had assembled my Tracks by then so I tried them on and they seemed fine
without the suspension fitted.
Now later with all assembled they seem to be Ok.
Brown Ground his bolt heads down like you have but I dont know if he had a problem
with the Idler.

John Davie
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Re: Wheels and tyres

Post by John Davie » Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:54 pm

Hi Lee,

I had a smilar issue and took it apart again to machine the pivot heads down to 2.5mm. I measured the wheel distance from the side plate based on the front idler, removed the spindles and made 2mm spacers to go behind them.
I also made up spacers to go between each pair of wheels as I found that the outer ring of bolts that hold them together tended to pull in the wheels together a bit and didn't want to leave these bolts not really tight - so I needed some 75mm x 3.2 mm spacers that fit around the central hub and it can now all be pulled down tight without risking closing the gap between the wheels.

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