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Re: T-34 assistance offered

Post by davebane » Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:02 pm

Hey Phil,

Be glad to, its pretty cold here now and I've been sick since last Friday, but as soon as weather breaks I can do so. Could you give me an exact list of just what you need done?

For those of you modeling, I am reading "T-34 in Action" by Artem Drabkin and Oleg Sheremet, which is a compilation of stories from T-34 crewmen from WWII. Amazing information and I can recommend it highly.

If you are doing an "in combat" model, almost every driver, commander and loader never fully closed their hatch during combat. It seems every driver adjusted their hatch to an approximate palm width and drove through the opening. The commander would use their hatch to pop up out of every once in a while to see and the loader's hatch had to be left open for fume extraction. Evidently it was not uncommon for the commander to signal fire and nothing to go off, only to see a passed out loader due to fumes...

Also it seems after every shot, the loader on experienced crews would eject the shell casing out the hatch... this may look good with a couple shells stuck between fuel tanks etc.

Finally, in urban combat they would button up, but never use the latches. They would use their belts to secure the hatch and if struck would release the belt (usually tied around a shell holder) and get out quick.

No Phil I haven't been able to start, but hoping to soon! Been working on getting the collection nestled into their winter beds.

Dave Bane

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Re: T-34 assistance offered

Post by phil fitzpatrick » Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:30 pm

Hi Dave
Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather,hope the rest of your new year is a great one :)
Any photo's you can take arround the inside of the cupola and as my message any sizes you can take
of the vision blocks and the workings.
Also as I said I have a couple of photo's showing what looked like some sort of spring
assistance and combined with a method of holding the cupola hatch and loaders hatch open,to
perhaps aid in lifting and stopping it slaming down.
Any pic's sizes you can supply would be much apreciated by all
That book you have sounds good I will have to look for that one,I have a book of the same title
"Steven Zaloga and James Grandsen,its very good and loads of pictures including a couple of
repaired T34's one with rectangula plates welded onto the front :!:
Thanks for your help passed and future

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