Which Green Paint is the ONE??

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Brown Hawkins
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Which Green Paint is the ONE??

Post by Brown Hawkins » Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:20 am

I'm having trouble on which green paint to start out with as a base color on the T-34. What do those of you with a tank on order plan on using as the base coat green? The best match I have found, in more than thimble sized container, is Vallejo Russian Green acrylic surface primer. Does anyone have a lead on a ready-to-spray can of paint or do I need to plan on airbrushing from the get-go on this tank?

Thanks for the advice,


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Stephen White
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Russian green

Post by Stephen White » Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:05 am


The short answer is many colours - sorry colors - it varied between factories and period. To be bit more helpful, can I suggest you do a search on "Russian green" on the Missing-lynx" web site. I've just done so and got stacks of helpful hits.




phil fitzpatrick
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Re: Which Green Paint is the ONE??

Post by phil fitzpatrick » Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:44 pm

Hi Brown
I am building a T34/85 and prior to my kit arriving I had bought 4 of the Osprey
Books on the T34 and T34/85.
One of the books was the Osprey modeling manual for these Tanks and the section
on paints briefly went
The basic Green colour is usually identified as US FS595 reference colour 34102.
They say that the equivilant Humbrol is 117 US Light Green.
They also state that Soviet paint production was not necessarily high quality or matched exactly to a colour standard.

I am priming with Red oxide then Air brushing after with acrylics from the Lifecolour
They show 2 for Soviet WW11 Tanks UA237 Dark Olive and UA238 Dark Olive Var.
I have got lots of different Olive Greens left over from experimenting with my
Comet,so I plan to use these up first,using the darker ones in the shaded areas
and lighter ones on top,then finish with the UA237 and UA238.
Thats my Flexy Plan :lol:
I will be using washes and weathering after.
There seems to be loads of scope with the colours.

John Davie
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Re: Which Green Paint is the ONE??

Post by John Davie » Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:07 pm

Hi Brown,

I agree that almost any colour that is 'greenish' seems to have appeared on a T34, anything from bright pea green to dark greens!!!! :shock:

I found a reference which equated one of the many to the RAL number for the German 3 colour camo Olive Green. I have some of that so that's the base I'll be using. :P

I think you can use whatever you like that looks OK and no-one can say its wrong!! :wink:

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