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Track tensioning

Post by Adrian Harris » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:20 pm

I've been running the prototype T-34 for a number of years now and it's performed very well with everything I've put it through.

This year, the tracks have started slipping on the sprocket, especially when moving backwards, to the extent that it will sometimes only move forwards.

At the Corsley show, I removed both tracks and checked the sprockets and all the rollers were running freely and didn't look too worn. This weekend I plan to strip it down and check their diameter, and make up some more if needed.

The two track tensioners were set with the cap heads of the bolts stuck against the suspension bars and the hull floor. We couldn't get them to stay in the cups in the glacis for love nor money. The manual says they should be held in place by track tension, but the T-34 runs best with sloppy tracks, so that isn't going to work.

I'm currently thinking how I could include some form of springing in the tensioners, so that they stay engaged with the glacis plate cups.

Has anyone made any changes to the tensioning, so that the tracks can be run slack ?

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