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Comet colour schemes

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Alex Easten
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Comet colour schemes

Post by Alex Easten » Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:26 am

Hi guys, as you all know the time is upon us for gettng our nice shiny new comet kits.

Due to this, Ive been spending more and more time thinking about what scheme Im going to finish my comet in.

I have two options, the usual WW2 Olive drab, or a strange sand and green camouflage that the Comet at samaur wears.

Does anyone know about this particular colour scheme, ie is it real or fictional, and is it a scheme that could have been worn in combat during WW2?

Is the scheme that the Samaur comet wears its original, and also does anyone have any photos of the rear area as Im curious as to its exhaust set up.

Id also love to see anyones progress if they have any!



P.S has anybody else decided on the scheme theyd like to apply yet?
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Stephen White
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Comet Colour Schemes

Post by Stephen White » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:19 am


It's good to see the Comet forum coming to life as our kits appear.

My model will represent the tank commanded by Maj Bill Close who commanded B Squadron, Third Royal Tank Regiment in Germany, Apr 1945.

Bill was a remarkable soldier, who won two MCs, one as a sergeant and one a major. He was wounded three times and had eleven tanks shot out from under him during his operational career which stretched from France 1940 via Greece, North Africa, to France and Germany in 1945. He was one of very few who could say that he was in action from the start to finish of WW2.

His obituary is here: ... Close.html

The Saumur Comet colour scheme is certainly not a WW2 scheme. It is similar to schemes worn by Comets in Libya in the late forties, early fifties but I don't recognise the divisional sign or the tac number. Saumur have painted their 1944 Centaur in a similar scheme, which makes me think it's not based on fact. But I could be wrong and someone with more knowledge of post WW2 schemes might be able to help.

Does this help:




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