Cobbaton Combat Collection VJ Week End

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Steve Stuart
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Cobbaton Combat Collection VJ Week End

Post by Steve Stuart » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:27 pm

The Cobbaton Combat Collection in North Devon, south of Barnstaple, is a hidden gem of a small museum which has a very interesting collection of Vehicles and artifacts. It is really worth making a detour to if you are going to the south west.The occasion of VJ Day is the focus of this weekend event.
The weather this year was not helpful, Saturday was dominated by high winds and rain, luckily I was working so I missed that! However Sunday started with setting off in sunshine, getting beyond Bristol showers started which meant that the morning was started by having a cup of tea where an important member of the museum staff was seen.
Top Cat
When it wasn't raining we got the tanks out to run, the bank was a challenge to climb and descend.
Top Marks
Tim Preston wanted us to entertain the youngsters, which certainly worked!
Top Gun
Despite the weather, a really good excursion!

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Adrian Harris
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Re: Cobbaton Combat Collection VJ Week End

Post by Adrian Harris » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:00 am

I wasn't able to attend due to a family illness but Holger sent over some more pictures:




The next ...

Armortek model ?



Any port in a storm...

Denny on the Naughty Step again ?

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