First run Panther gun elevation issue

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Lawrence Godson
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First run Panther gun elevation issue

Post by Lawrence Godson » Sat May 21, 2016 10:50 pm

Hello to all. I have a first run Panther and I have just started to have an issue with the gun elevation. During operation the elevation will randomly stop operating. This is accompanied by what I will tentatively call a "reset". I hear a series of popping noises from the sound system speakers and then the tank needs to be turned off and then restarted before the elevation system will function again - but only for a few times and then things repeat. Any troubleshooting help would be greatly appreciated
Lawrence Godson

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Adrian Harris
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Re: First run Panther gun elevation issue

Post by Adrian Harris » Sun May 22, 2016 9:24 am

As you mention it is a first generation Panther, I'm guessing you have the Electronize controllers for the turret rotation and elevation ?

Does it still happen if you disconnect the elevation motor from the turret wiring loom ?

How are you powering your receiver ?

If it is via a battery, how old is it and have you checked the voltage and capacity recently ?

Do you have a voltmeter with which you could measure the receiver supply voltage whilst you operate the elevation motor, to see if it is dragging down the supply ?

Could you remove the elevation motor from the elevation mechanism and see if it resets when operated with no load ?

With the motor removed, is the elevation mechanism free to operate, with no tightness in either direction ?

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Peter Silcock
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Re: First run Panther gun elevation issue

Post by Peter Silcock » Sun May 22, 2016 8:13 pm

As Adrian has said there are quite a few checks you can make. If the elevation is being controlled by Electronize switching units one thing to check is the wiring to those units. The terminals are tiny and is easy for the thin supply wires to become loose and cause an intermittent fault. A short caused by a stray wire strand is also possible because pos and neg terminals are immediately adjacent to each other. I would be tempted to disconnect the battery and then undo each terminal remove each wire in turn trim if necessary and reinsert and ensure that the terminal is tight and there are no stray strands. Possibly a better solution would be to replace the switchers (if fitted) with speed controllers.

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