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by Armortek
Wed Jul 15, 2020 10:58 am
Forum: Jagdtiger
Topic: Andrew Devey Artwork
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Re: Andrew Devey Artwork

Robert Reid wrote:
Tue Jul 14, 2020 11:10 pm
Is he interested in a commission?
Hi Pierce - do you want me to send on your contact details to Andrew ?
by Armortek
Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:26 pm
Forum: Jagdtiger
Topic: Andrew Devey Artwork
Replies: 4
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Andrew Devey Artwork

Andrew Devey (the author of two books on the operational and technical history of the Jagdtiger which proved very useful when researching the tank), reached out to us a few days ago to say that he had created a series of coloured images of the Jagdtiger and asked if we wanted to share them. Of cours...
by Armortek
Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:00 pm
Forum: Chieftain MBT
Topic: Chieftain build by Phil Woollard.
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Re: Chieftain build by Phil Woollard.

Ivano - please do not post the same message to multiple threads. As you are selling this item it should only be posted to the craft market area.
by Armortek
Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:52 am
Forum: Chieftain MBT
Topic: Rivet tool
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Re: Rivet tool

May be stating the obvious, but the rivets do not need to be "riveted" . A dab of industrial strength glue and some pliers to snip the protruding part internally would do the trick as well.
by Armortek
Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:50 am
Forum: Events
Topic: Militracks 2020 POSTPONED to May 2021
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Re: Militracks 2020 - 19/20 September

It is a shame about Militracks - especially as they had planned a combined Allied and German armour event for September. But I assume a lot of their income comes from customers riding on the armour where social distancing is just not possible - unless it is a a Famo ! We have rescheduled and plan on...
by Armortek
Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:42 am
Forum: Motion Option Pack
Topic: Chieftain turret turn motor strange behaviour on initial switch on
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Re: Chieftain turret turn motor strange behaviour on initial switch on

Hi I have made a significant development hopefully in respect to this issue. If I disconnect the turret plug then this issue does not happen 😀😀😀. I can turn on and the turret motor remains stable. Reconnect the turret plug and the fault occurs again. So next step leave the turret plugged in and dis...
by Armortek
Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:19 am
Forum: Knowledge Base
Topic: Fused power lead to control module
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Re: Fused power lead to control module

In line fuse holders can be added - the challenge is matching the fuse rating to your driving conditions. When driving and turning on a smooth surface, a 30A fuse for the module controlling the main drive motors should be sufficient. Especially if it is a slow burn type fuse. https://www.littelfuse....
by Armortek
Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:33 pm
Forum: For Sale and Wanted
Topic: Search PAK 40 PAK 43/40
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Re: Search PAK 40 PAK 43/40

We have one or two!
by Armortek
Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:14 pm
Forum: Jagdtiger
Topic: Jagdtiger production validation build
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Jagdtiger production validation build

Validating the build and the manual ...
more to follow ....
by Armortek
Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:56 pm
Forum: King Tiger
Topic: option packs
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Re: option packs

Hi Michael, why not drop us a mail with what you mean by "main mounting plate" and we will pull off some dimensions for you.
by Armortek
Wed Jun 24, 2020 2:59 pm
Forum: Events
Topic: TankFest
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Re: TankFest

With the heat predicted for tomorrow and the thunderstorms for Friday, it is not such a bad thing that it is delayed by a few weeks !!
by Armortek
Sat Jun 20, 2020 10:49 am
Forum: Armortek Owners
Topic: Mark Carney
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Mark Carney

Today we heard the very sad news that Mark Carney passed away. Mark was a long time Armortek customer, and although he was not a very active poster on this forum, he was a huge figure in the Armortek world in Australia. Mark would often call for a long chat and it was always a pleasure listening to ...